Valerie J. Southern - Transportation Consultant, LLC
Valerie J. Southern - transportation planning and safety transportation consultant

Valerie J. Southern – Transportation Consultant, LLC (VJS-TC) is a limited liability company, originally established in the Seattle region in 1998. After nearly a decade operating in Fairfax, Virginia, the company recently re-located to Rhode Island in 2016. Its market areas include Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington State and, the District of Columbia.

VJS-TC is expert in the planning, management, engineering and design of public transportation systems. These include highway, roadway, park and ride, public transportation, rail, freight, ferry, pedestrian, bicycle and recreational trail systems.

VJS-TC clients are federal, state, regional, county, local and tribal governments and private engineering and planning firms.


VJS-TC is expert in:


  • Transportation elements of short and long range master plans
  • System planning and policy - all transportation modes
  • Traffic engineering, operations and design
  • National transportation (FAST Act) funding, requirements and policy
  • Innovative finance and capital programming
  • National transportation studies and research

Transportation System Planning
transportation system planning VJS-TC is expert in the planning, analysis, engineering, design and management of public transportation systems. It offers strategic planning and funding solutions.

News and Articles
transportation system planning Valerie Southern, President of Valerie J. Southern - Transportation, LLC (VJS-TC) was featured on the TransShorts News Briefs' Business Owner Spotlight. WTS sat down with Valerie to find out why she started her own practice and where she found support.
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