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VJS-TC is expert in the planning, analysis, engineering, design and management of public transportation systems in rural and urban environments. These include highways, roadways, transit, park and ride, rail, freight, ferry, pedestrian, bicycle and recreational trail systems. Services are available nationwide.

Sound Solutions. VJS-TC offers policy analysis, strategic planning, engineering analysis and design, systems management, capital finance and funding solutions. These include multi-modal and inter-modal concepts, system safety, transit system assessments, land use-transportation coordination, transportation elements of comprehensive plans, site and area traffic impact analyses, roadway level of service and ITS applications.

On-Time Deliverables. VJS-TC work products are delivered on-time and within budget. Deliverables include formal research, analysis, synthesis and findings; written strategic plans, technical reports, memoranda and executive summaries; work scopes - comprehensive and/or phased; and VISSUM modeling, system maps and CADD illustrations. Work products are easily transferable for continuing use.

Ancillary Services. VJS-TC also performs ancillary transportation planning and engineering services:

  • Full-range of tribal transportation planning and system engineering
  • Project coordination and management
  • Technical Advisory (TAC) and Community Advisory (CAC) committee set up and facilitation
  • Expert testimony
  • Public presentation

Service Areas

  • Transportation Systems Planning and Engineering Design (all modes)
  • Corridor (Urban and Rural) Planning and Engineering Design (all modes)
  • Transportation Elements of Comprehensive Plans
  • Innovative Finance; Project and Program Funding
  • Program and Policy Analysis and Development
  • Parking supply and demand inventory and analysis
  • Complete Streets policy and planning
  • Transportation Improvement (TIP) and Capital Improvement (CIP) Programs
  • Special Transportation Studies and National Research
  • Transportation Training Modules and Federal Guidebooks
  • Roadway and Intersection Level of Service and Operations Analysis
  • Traffic Count, Circulation, Safety and Impact Analysis
  • ITS and Signal and Lighting Operations
  • Maintenance of Traffic (MoT)
  • Project Management and Administration

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